Caring for your Silicone Toy

Silicone is extremely resilient and resistant.  Here are few tips to keep your toy in TIP-TOP shape!


  • Keep it clean!  
    • Washing with soap and hot water is fine if you won’t be sharing your toys, but shared toys need a little more attention to be safely shared.
  • Test your lube!  
    • Water-based lubes are the safest option, but most high quality silicone lubes should be fine.  For more info on testing click here.
  • Be safe!
    • Pain is the body’s way of saying “slow down!”  We never want anyone to get hurt, so remember: Be safe, be sane!
  • Have fun!


  • Don’t cut or nick it.  Silicone is very flexible and will maintain its shape indefinitely. But a cut can lead to a tear and a tear cannot be repaired.

Be Careful:

  • Use a bit of caution when trying one of our toys with a new lube.  For more info regarding lube compatibility.