It all started when…

We became dissatisfied with some of the sex toys that we had found.   The risk of phthalates had been discovered and after cleaning out our toy box, it became clear that we needed to do something as we didn’t have any toys left!

We started investing in silicone toys and loved them – they just seemed so perfect!  Fast forward a bit and I started working with silicone.  While my job had me using silicone in a totally unrelated field, the experience was invaluable.   

In my spare time I started playing with the idea of making things with silicone.  What could I make? Of course! Sex toys!

I started by making a few things to share with my significant others and with my friends.  They loved them!  So I started making more and eventually, it turned into more than just a little side project.

Now, we are endeavoring to bring them to you… and the rest of the world!


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